My Bucket List

My 100 before I’m 100 Bucket List

1. Hunt for Big Foot.
2. Ride a horse.
3. See a show on Broadway.
4. Picnic in a Hot Air Balloon.
5. Ghost Tour.
6. Bungee Jump.
7. Do a scavenger hunt.
8. Find the perfect little black dress.
9. Hangout backstage.
10. Meet someone famous.
11. Zipline through the Mountains.
12. Publish a Book.
13. Do something for my community.
14. Lose myself.
15. Sell 10,000 copies of a book.
16. Cliff Jump.
17. Visit Disneyland with the kids.
18. Travel to Fiji.
19. Ride a Ferry.
20. Learn Sign Language.
21. Donate blood.
22. Ride in a police car but not be under arrest.
23. Teach my daughter to be a lady.
24. Go back to Fort Meyers,VA(where I lived with my dad)
25. Give a public speech. (More than 200 people)
26. Find my fourth grade teacher.
27. Visit Korea.
28. Change my oil.
29. Do something generous for a stranger.
30. See all of My kids graduate.
31. Invent something Awesome.
32. Have my name on a monument.
33. Visit NYC.
34. Save Someone.
35. Kiss under a waterfall.
36. Teach my sons how to be men.
37. Be on tv.
38. Find myself.
39. Make a positive impact on a stranger.
40. Hold my grand baby.
41. Fix an electronic device.
42. Make a positive difference in the world.
43. Stand up to a bully.
44. Find something missing. (Longer than 5 years)
45. Ride in a helicopter.
46. Watch the sun set over the ocean.
47. Do something stupid.
48. Be in a print news article.
49. Learn to Garden.
50. Find Strength.
51. Change a tire.
52. Visit the Grand Canyon.
53. Surprise someone.
54. Surprise myself.
55. Do something smart.
56. Write a screenplay.
57. Find my voice.
58. Let go.
59. Visit the UK.
60. See the Mona Lisa.
61. Watch a news cast live while in the station.
62. Organize an event.
63. Go to the Tonight Show.
64. Learn from my mistakes.
65. Watch a meteor shower.
66. Go to a concert.
67. Learn to drive a stick.
68. Find my way by memory.
69. Stay in a 5 Star Hotel.
70. Go Scuba Diving.
71. Start a blog.
72. Beat a video game.
73. Shoot a gun at a range.
74. Ride a rollercoaster.
75. Visit Las Vegas.
76. Go Hang Gliding.
77. Sleep under the stars.
78. Make a Wish.
79. Walk barefoot in public.
80. Stand in the rain and watch the water fall.
81. Attend a masquerade ball.
82. Stay at a Bed and Breakfast.
83. See a double rainbow.
84. Feed the hungry.
85. Attend a College Football Game.
86. Donate toys to kids for Christmas.
87. Be in a parade.
88. Help my daughter pick out the perfect wedding dress.
89. Have brunch at the Four Seasons.
90. Learn to Ice Skate.
91. Get stuck in an elevator.
92. Dance all night long.
93. Make someone laugh.
94. Change a life.
95. Go to a protest.
96. Play laser tag and win.
97. Go paintballing.
98. Go to a fortune teller.
99. Ride a ferris wheel on a boardwalk.
100. Understand the meaning of Love.

© Susie Reece 2014

3 thoughts on “My Bucket List

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  2. I love your list! I made a “101 things to do in 1001 days” list. Isn’t it so much fun to set these fun-filled goals and then see them come to life!?! Thanks for sharing 🙂 And check mine out if you have a chance! We have a few in common and now that I’ve seen some of yours, I want to add them to my list!!



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